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Obra cual fue el problema
Quipo: Adiel, Lidia, Nacho, Rogelio, Gaby, Javier

-This story dates back long ago when Mexico's economy was in crisis, well still the same, but this story begins in a village far away and beautiful (sound of crickets) well not so nice but here we have to work, if any studied but not here telling this story damn it (sign in the air). This morning very early and eager to work were three buddies coming to an area:
(With sleep and walking, very lazy)

Raul: No friend to cultivate laziness, not true that the harvest is in tatters.
James: So where more is planted in the air?
Carlos: Why some where we plant?
Santiago: A work buddy you think.
Carlos: Umm ... I thought that huarachazo.
Raul: No friend we do not see that cooperation with the committee for celebrations of the community and now we can not enter.
Narrator: When you reach your land the sun was a little high and very hot but still the peasants began to work with all the enthusiasm of the world.
(Sound of car braking).
Carlos: Listen as you work with the sun, we can put something cold sunny day
Narrator: Listen farmer, I am storyteller, not a god, and so is the script I do not care if you like it or not.
Carlos: I Listen narrator or change of scenery or you .......
Narrator: Or what. (Showing a machete).
Santiago: Stop fighting with the narrator, and we will work.
Narrator: Good to see that I am very good as well, I got out good I'll advance a half day of work (moving the hands) (sound over time)
Maria: eat a meal, (ringing a bell) is already food gentlemen as they like (sweet voice) hot water and cold food.
James: Well since, we eat because there is nothing else to do.
Narrator: When they finished eating they realized it was time to sleep to rest your eyes (so they sat and slept a little) but when suddenly:
Santiago: already five in the afternoon! (Shouting) uffff that good and not have to work.
Raul: it's too late right? If you arrived at the house let's go I want to watch that show? What is your name? A Rosamaría already the de Guadalupe, with my wife let's go no!
Santiago: Lift up to Carlos and let us not, because it is too late. (They walk home)
Narrator: When he got home his wife of Raul and was waiting at the door of his home with his daughter:
Daughter: Dad, dad! As I was at work ....
Wife: My love, my love.

Raul: Take off, take off (pushing, removing them from the door) and will start this program I like the Rosamaría of Guadalupe, that they liked the teacher,,, the profession of IEBO, when I was a long time Michelangelo. But shut up because they will start the program.
Television: tonight at ceiling, everything, all the basics of the news community on the sleeves and pants, Margarito cries to be expelled from the band, and we regret to say this news, Rosamaría of Guadalupe, because the rating too low, as only entertains the ignorant people like you if you sir! , Which is the only one who sees this program.
Raul: I hear you I know you, you're the narrator, the story.
Narrator: no
Raul: Yeah, yeah (laughing) well you do you do with my shirt.
Narrator: What no my name mordesta
Raul: mordesta?
Narrator: Come then. Hahaha
Mary: You better turn off the TV going to rest as it is too late for you to be arguing with the television.
Narrator: no, please turn off your TV, do not turn off. Well I'm going anyway (walks out the door of the room).
Raul: I love your eyes are so beautiful, and your lips the most beautiful and sweet, angelic skin and leaves your eyes blind to anyone.
Mary: I love where you learned all this seems like a novel.
Raul: It says that this script, there's the director of cameras, lights, screenwriter and...... (pointing to each character you mentioned)
Mary: Well and that is enough, better go to sleep.

Narrator: The next day, Raul got up (to stretch your hands beats his wife in the face) very concerned about his program decided to go with the father putazio for comfort.
(Father standing in front of the church)
Raul: Hi comfort.
Consuelo: Hi Raul.
Raul: Father I come to ask advice, my program no longer goes on TV, what I can do?
Father: (sound of crickets).
Raul: father that is enough I am about to give ......
Sexton: He heard the roof of the church is getting bigger.
Raul: I would ...
Sacristan: The chorizo ​​father, it brings Dona Chela.
Raul: give my life but ...
Father: better go to work, waste my time with you and your programs, in addition to still pass the Rosamaría dish, penniless.
Raul: So did you, white-collar thief.
Narrator: After finding solace but no response, went to his land where his buddies were waiting for him.
Twin: (enters the field with a hip movement and raising his hands) (sound of science fiction) To you, was looking for, insult my crops, with yours, so the challenge to a fight in a wrestling ring, do you accept?
Raul: because, (transported: turning all)
Narrator: Welcome to the great coliseum Nejapa of wood from a wrestling ring featuring his best star but first the best, the only referee Lardi Roger's friend, but do not expect more this ring was created for blood, but fighting and
death not expect more to come our only and best friend the super fighter buttocks of steel (background music) and of course could not miss his faithful companion, the superman cucumber (background music) but its rivals are saying the team's friends rival.
Fighters: we will win are going to fall short against us.
Narrator: But do not wait any longer, now from the great arena of wood Nejapa Meet the super tejeringo friend the boy (entering the arena) (background music) and his faithful companion, the child super tick.
Fighters: let's fight who are waiting to attack, attack, all that put us face (start fighting all against all).
Narrator: Well after this short presentation and demonstration of what they can now if they are all ready for action, fighting and everything else involved in this ring comes so they do not take any more of their time left with the pretty gabi ....
Announcer: (walking with a sign of R1).
Narrator: and starting with the big fight comes to the ring cucumber man who takes over his head to tejeringo and have it and hits it, it falls to the ground and writhing in pain but his classmate's going tick the child enters the ring cucumber and hit the man, and goes to defend the buttocks of steel.
Fighters: We'll win the fight for those who are there are losers.
Announcer: (walking with a sign of R2).
Narrator: continuing the fight, hitting tejeringo steel breech, and the boy hit the man tick cucumber in the back, but he is doing tejeringo, cucumber man is hitting on the buttocks and this does not defend himself and then is going to the refery, which also hits him on the buttocks, but is doing refery, is settling for this, strike while the child uses tick the option and takes buttocks of steel legs, and it is paying 1, 2, and everything is in 2, cucumber man defends his companion.
Fighters: now more than ever we must win this fight.
(Screams, and beating)
Narrator: And so it ends the second round.
Announcer: (walking with a sign of R3).
Narrator: Now gentlemen spent the third round where he is about to decide who wins. You think the winner is the child tick, with its companion the tejeringo steel or buttocks cucumber man! everything remains to be seen in a while.
Fighters: of course I shall gain! We are the best and no one can beat us (shouting and hitting)
Referee: In this final round will decide who is champion and hit it hard, all against all.
Fighters: (yelling and hitting).
Narrator: the fight is over, and the winners are: steel butt cucumber and man, and you losers out. (Very pleased celebrated their victory). (They started with teleportation). The next day they moved into the field to celebrate their triumph and managed solution to the problem'' Water for All.''
Raul: very good friend now to celebrate victory (began to play).
Mary: I stop having fun, and get to clear the land that has much forest.
Santiago: and why do not you clean
Narrator: they began to clean. Cundo ended went to the place where they would find water for all (come singing).
Santiago: buddy we have to inform everyone that we have found the solution to the problem. Water for All!
Narrator: When to see mentioned this all came and were very happy, because never again would lack the water (all went to their homes).
Raul: And the narrator?
Narrator: I miss wait for me!
Here's how the story after much discussion comes to an end but really ...
What was the problem?.


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